Need Ideas to Repurpose old C1+

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Need Ideas to Repurpose old C1+

Post by htpcinc »

Apologies in advance if I overlooked this topic somewhere - I did search. I am sure I would get reprimanded for asking such a broad question - lol. I get it, but don't know any other way to start the conversation.

I have (2) C1+'s I previously used for Kodi. What are some popular, practical applications and uses for these boxes other than media? I am not much of a programmer (maybe now is the time to jump in), but tend to be more into home automation, environmental monitoring, audio/video, etc.

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Re: Need Ideas to Repurpose old C1+

Post by mad_ady »

You can start home automation with Home Assistant.
Though there isn't a Hassos release for it, you should be able to run it similar to this: ... 4061125935

Otherwise, with some accessories, they can be turned into:
- access points
- routers
- dns servers with ad filtering (pihole, adguard)
- vpn server (pivpn)
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Re: Need Ideas to Repurpose old C1+

Post by rooted »

Some light retro gaming could be a fun use for one, multi room audio perhaps.

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