systemd-networkd fails to add default gateway

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systemd-networkd fails to add default gateway

Post by mad_ady »

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, kernel 4.9 on my HC4 (Hardkernel's release) and ever since I've first booted it I've noticed it fails to get an IPv4 default gateway. IPv6 internet works correctly. I'm assigning IPs via DHCP.
I did some packet captures on the DHCP server to make sure the router gives away a default gateway, and everything seems correct.
I've dug around systemd-networkd for a while, enabling debugging ( ... d-networkd)
and checking out similar reports (, but it didn't help.
I tried out netplan with networkd backend and I still didn't get a default gateway and then I installed NetworkManager (sudo apt-get install network-manager), rebooted and now I do get a default ipv4 gateway...

So - I leave this as a warning for others hitting the same problem... Must be something triggered by my environment (my DHCP server also injects some static routes).
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