Turn off with unplugging cable

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Turn off with unplugging cable

Post by fscialla »

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with some odroid shutting down. In a factory, they are turned off by disconnecting the electricity. Often this causes errors that reset the operating system preferences: screensavers, and other stuff are reactivated. Sometimes, even worse, the taskbar disappeared and I couldn't get it back.

My need is to have a kiosk with a webpage always open, in a static way. I was also considering the way to use ubuntu minimal without GUI and only with chromium in kiosk mode (but i have read that there are problems with hardware acceleration!)

UPS and other such solutions are to be considered after having strengthened the current solution as much as possible. (I evaluate both a single solution for each single odroid and a solution that helps groups of 10 odroid)

Any ideas, solution?

Thanks a lot,


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Re: Turn off with unplugging cable

Post by mad_ady »

Android should be more robust to power outages since it mounts /system read-only. Otherwise you'll need to move your rootfs to squashfs, something like this: https://magazine.odroid.com/article/usi ... le-system/
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Re: Turn off with unplugging cable

Post by Danielsan »

You can use a crontask to shutdown your XU at a specific hour like suggested here:


To learn more about cron task:

https://www.digitalocean.com/community/ ... buntu-1804

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Re: Turn off with unplugging cable

Post by L67GS »

You could teach the moron who turns off a computer how to fix it.

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