N2+ Turbo Fan to N2 Adapter

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N2+ Turbo Fan to N2 Adapter

Post by hominoid »

Being able to use the Odroid-N2+ Turbo Fan on the first generation Odroid-N2 would be beneficial but the different hole patterns doesn’t make it easy. Starting with the original N2 Fan Stand, the code for an adapter was added so that the N2+ Turbo Fan can now be mounted on the Odroid-N2.
    Odroid-N2_Fan_Stand.jpg (87.11 KiB) Viewed 82 times
      One set of holes collide so only 3 screws attach the adapter to the N2 heatsink, it’s sufficient. The N2’s total height using this adapter is 62.5mm from case top to feet bottom compared to the N2+’s of 51.7mm, a difference of 10.8mm. The overall height can be further reduced by 3mm-6mm but the N2’s pcb mounting pins are tall and restrict getting closer to the heatsink without changing them for shorter ones or screws like on the N2+.
        N2_Fan_Stand_Turbo.jpg (33.68 KiB) Viewed 82 times
          A small hole in the front cover will allow the fan wires into the case while letting the case close all the way. Notice the fan feed and wires are at the side of the N2 which allows for the best concealment. It may appear at first that the fan wires are too short and need extending but, if the connection is made first and then that fan mounted to the adapter, they are long enough.
            Fan_stand_assm.jpg (82.81 KiB) Viewed 82 times
              Once your setup you can test the fan by lowering one of the two thermal trip points. Trip point 4 is approximately 50% speed and trip point 5 100% speed.

              Code: Select all

              Linux odroid-n2 4.9.236-104 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Nov 11 21:56:36 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

              Code: Select all

              echo 20000 | sudo tee /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/trip_point_5_temp
              M3x20mm screws, qty 4
              M3 Nuts, qty 4
              M3x14mm Countersunk Flat Head screws, qty 3

              Prerequisite – SBC Model Framework
              20190223 Version 1.0.0 Odroid-N2 Fan Stand
              - HK OEM heatsink fan and screws
              20190312 Version 1.0.1 Odroid-N2 Fan Stand
              -Shortened standoffs to 12mm
              -Enlarged fan opening
              -Enlarged fan screw holes
              20201119 Version 1.1 Odroid-N2 Fan Stand
              -Added N2+ Turbo Fan adapter
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                Re: N2+ Turbo Fan to N2 Adapter

                Post by rooted »

                Once again nice work, I can barely imagine needing a fan but I could see it coming in handy on a long compilation job.

                I need to get into OpenSCAD, I've really only used FreePySCAD a little to create custom supports in SuperSlicer.

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