Overclock N2+ (more)

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Overclock N2+ (more)

Post by yorozuya3 »

Hi, I bought a N2+, which is a overclocked N2 isn't it? My question is, can I overclock it more? Maybe 2.6, 3GHz even? Suppose that I can handle the temperature. What is the max temperature that it can reach before thermal throttling? Thanks

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Re: Overclock N2+ (more)

Post by odroid »

I don't think so. There is not much room for overclocking.
Stock frequency of the N2+ is 2.2Ghz and you can overclock up to 2.4Ghz probably.
But some users reported a random stability issue and they had to lower it to 2.3Ghz.
If you are extremely lucky with silicon lottery, you can enjoy 2.5Ghz clocking after changing some kernel source and device-tree files.
But it seems not to be worth.

If your room (ambient) temperature doesn't exceed 30°C, you will not meet thermal throttling.
Refer the graphs of the thermal characteristics in this link.
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