ondroid H2 + with J5005 ???

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ondroid H2 + with J5005 ???

Post by Pepan »

Inquiry for about the manufacturer.. Wouldn't a Ondroid H2+ board with a J5005 processor be better instead of a J4115? And will the Ondroid H2 even have that processor?

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Re: ondroid H2 + with J5005 ???

Post by misaz »

Probably no because this CPU is much more expensive while performance is only slightly better. It was discussed in one older thread.

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Re: ondroid H2 + with J5005 ???

Post by odroid »

Right. We've not considered a J5005 or J5040 since nobody eagerly wanted to pay additional $70~$80.
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Re: ondroid H2 + with J5005 ???

Post by InsideJob »

I don't know how much that big chunk of metal heatsink costs but I'd gladly trade it for a ZIF CPU socket. I know like legally that might make it just a tiny mobo instead of a SBC but you have to buy memory and storage before it's usable anyways so IMHO that's a minor technicality.

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