H2 issue with Grub

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H2 issue with Grub

Post by Doveoscar »

I've an H2 running xpenology (DS918+), which is great bar one issue. Grub never times out. When I start the system, I see the Grub menu but no countdown, and the Grub menu stays up until I hit return.

This was the section from original grub.cfg:

set default='0'
set timeout='10'
set fallback='1'

I was advised to add:

set recordfail_timeout="10"

But it makes no difference. Also different xpenology version behave the same. Is there something I'm missing?

Any advice most welcome.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: H2 issue with Grub

Post by wojtoo »

I know that topic is quite old but for others, change
set timeout='0.1'
and you don't need to wait until key pressed
I changeg that inside synoboot.img, before I write image to usb
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