Quake 1 with tyrquake_libretro.so in Retro Arena iso

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Quake 1 with tyrquake_libretro.so in Retro Arena iso

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locate the es_system.cfg file at /etc/emulationstation and add an entry like this:

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		<command>/usr/local/bin/retroarch32 -L /home/odroid/.config/retroarch32/cores/tyrquake_libretro.so %ROM%</command>
*Copy the tyrquake_libretro.so (32 bit one)from here http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/li ... hf/latest/ into this folder: home/odroid/.config/retroarch32/cores
*Create a folder inside roms folder with name TyrQuake and copy pak0.pak and pak1.pak inside that folder.
*you can copy a "music" folder inside the roms/TyrQuake/ also ,with the music files in .ogg format
**make sure the pak0.pak and pak1.pak files are spelled with lower case letters.

After you restart your OGA you can start the game by launching the pak1.pak file after you located quake in the menu
#one little issue i've encountered: When you change the controls from inside the game(obtions), even though a .cfg file is created, the controls don't save after you restart the game.(the other options like brightness does save)
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