[TOOLS] scrcpy (Android Mirroring application)

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[TOOLS] scrcpy (Android Mirroring application)

Post by meveric »

scrcpy - is a mirroring app for android devices using android debugging via USB which allows to mirror your android device to your ODROID (or other PC)


It uses ffmpeg and SDL2 to mirror the content of your android device via USB debugging on your ODROID in our case.
This could be helpful if you want to run a presentation from your phone on a TV which does not have Miracast.
In that case you can run the presentation on the android device and put it on the big screen with the help of your ODROID.

scrcpy is available for Debian Jessie (armhf only) and Debian Stretch and Buster (both armhf and arm64)

To do this you need to install android-tools-adb as well to connect to your device.
Activate USB Debugging on your Android device, and confirm the ODROID as a allowed device.
Then you can check with adb devices if your device is shown.

Check https://github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy for more information.

Currently the packages run with software decoder only but I'm pretty sure we can probably fix the code to run with ffmpeg hardware decoder on Exynos ODROID boards and Kernel 4.14+.

Please Note:
For Debian Buster under armhf you also need to install android-libboringssl from my backports repository:

Code: Select all

apt install -t buster android-libboringssl
since there is a bug in the crypto engine that prevents you from connecting to your device otherwise.
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Re: [TOOLS] scrcpy (Android Mirroring application)

Post by rooted »

Very cool, thanks.

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