How to make RAZBERRY device work on armbian stretch

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How to make RAZBERRY device work on armbian stretch

Unread post by Keran » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:45 pm

On Odroid N2 I couldn't make my old Razberry card work for my z-wave home automation system (I'm using JEEDOM software).
Here is what I've done to make it work.

I'm using Armbian stretch (Armbian_5.95_Odroidn2_Debian_stretch_default_4.9.190.7z downloaded from
By default GPIO seems to be disabled and I couldn't see /dev/ttyS1
So I had to do this:

1 - sudo apt install device-tree-compiler
2 - sudo fdtput -t s /boot/dtb-4.9.190-odroidn2/amlogic/meson64_odroidn2.dtb /serial@ffd24000 status "okay"
3 - sudo fdtget /boot/dtb-4.9.190-odroidn2/amlogic/meson64_odroidn2.dtb status
-> should return "okay"

4- reboot
You should now have new device /dev/ttyS1

Thx for this wiki page: ... /gpio/uart: I had to adapt meson64_odroidn2.dtb file path
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