Gamestation turbo - how to set it up like in the video?

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Gamestation turbo - how to set it up like in the video?

Post by ilyichzc »

I bought the ODROID-xU4 with a game console kit. I expected to have a complete stable system for retro gaming but I got something strange. I installed the Gamestation turbo OS and tried to use it. But Kodi plugin for rom collection crashes very often. All time something lags and blinks when i try to launch a game from the Emulation station, coz it switches to X for1-3 seconds and it all doesn't looks nice.
I want to have same experience as in Recalbox, when you have a stable system, fast emulation switching to game and back. But recallbox too proprietary. Any customization is locked. I can't change user permissions end etc. And can't use console kit screen there. But I found a video where a man has the good experience with no lags and blinks in Gamestation turbo OS.

Please, help me! What i need to do to have it?

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Re: Gamestation turbo - how to set it up like in the video?

Post by meveric »

I think it's similar to this if you install TheRA Image Retro Arena.
There are a couple of custom images with preloaded games on the internet as well.
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