Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

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Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

Post by superpowter77 »

Just got a message saying 19.04 update was available from ubuntu software manager. My odroid-N2(Bionic Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS with 4.9.190-62 kernel) is currently working 99% stable as HTPC/desktop replacement. Want to know what is the current status for Disco Dingo 19.04 on Odroid-N2?

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Re: Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

Post by mad_ady »

I don't know, but if you upgrade you'll be missing all hardkernel updates, since they only have a bionic repository.
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Re: Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

Post by rooted »

Also when you have a setup that is working perfectly it's best to just stick with the current LTS installed.

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Re: Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

Post by tobetter »

I've tried to run Ubuntu 19.04 Disco on top of Hardkernel stock 4.9 kernel, all desktop icons were missing. Don't know which package is missing for it.

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Re: Ubuntu 19.04 how stable is it?

Post by NickK-UK »

Rebuilding my C2 from minimal 3.1. Installed Ubuntu-mate-core and tightvnc to give a minimal desktop.

I don’t need thunderbird etc (or cups) just a desktop with some disk/file management. The system runs as an embedded telescope control system.

Now installing 19.04 - I found Ubuntu 19 better than 18 by miles - so let’s see.

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