Hyperion on Android

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Hyperion on Android

Post by mad_ady »

I'm looking to get a second tv, but I don't need a smart TV. The features I want could be done either by this Philips 7304 (https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/philips-the-one-7304), or a similar non-smart TV with N2 running ATV (either voodik's or secuflag's). The N2's advantage is greater flexibility, root access, etc. The disadvantage would be the lack of drm, but I don't mind that.

One thing that I'd like (and can't find on lower end tvs) is Ambilight support.

I know I can add a led strip and control it from the N2 presumably with hyperion, but this is where my knowledge ends.

So - I'd like to ask the following:
1. Do I need specific circutry to control the led strip, or would the gpios on the N2 suffice?
2. Is ambilight working on Android, or only on linux?
3. Would the whole android screen contribute to Ambilight, or only the video plane? Would ambilight work with games, for example?
4. For video, would x265 be supported? I know C2 had some issues with it.

A setup tutorial would be nice, if available :)
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Re: Hyperion on Android

Post by Adrianxx85 »

Im looking also for it, i know only the rpi tutorials that i make before (LE). It worked great with intern graber! Now is my Rpi dead, and i chose the n2. I cant find any good infos about, i read often its works good. But i also heard u need another Board like a arduino nano or something like that. Then u have 2 Hyperions in Repository. Its realy confusing

i hope we can use the N2 GPIOs

Yeah turtorial would be nice =)

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