GUIDE : Connect PWM Fan to H2

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GUIDE : Connect PWM Fan to H2

Unread post by mansuiki » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:36 am

KOR Version : viewtopic.php?f=174&t=36029

I'm Korean H2 user.
These days, the weather in Korea is so hot. I need to Cool H2. So I write this Guide.
I'm not good at English, I hope you guys can understand my Guide.

This is what my H2 looks like now with 'NF-A8 5V PWM Fan'.
Because Korean seller doesn't sell NF-A9 5V Fan.. :(
howlook.jpeg (198.3 KiB) Viewed 228 times

There are 3 Steps

Step1 : Buy Connector which Compatible with H2
If you have 'ODROID PWM Fan' or 'compatible connector' go Step 2

In fact, the hardest thing to do is buy this connector.
connector.jpeg (146.77 KiB) Viewed 228 times
You need to buy '1.25mm pitch + 4 pin' connector or make it.
If you live in Korea, please see my Korean Version Guide.

I'm not sure, but these can be fit with H2. Buy one of them or search with '1.25mm pitch 4pin' and buy.

Aliexpress :
Amazon : Sorry,, please search With '1.25mm pitch 4 pin' and buy.
ebay : ... 2124811964

Step2 : Connect with PWM Fan

If you have 'ODROID PWM FAN', you need to cut cable to connect or goto Step 1 to buy one.

H2 PWM port doesn't fit normal PWM pin arrangement.

This is ODROID PWM FAN pin arrangement.
Connector : 1.25mm 4-pin wafer male wire
Blue : PWM input
Yellow : Tacho output (Frequency Generator)
Red : DC 5V
Black : Ground

I just insert my wire to PWM connector, but you can cut PWM connector and solder them.
Please refer to this picture, connect the pins correct.
edit.jpeg (127.88 KiB) Viewed 228 times

Step3 : H2 Setting

Please connect your Fan to H2. During Boot please goto SETUP MENU.

Advanced -> Thermal -> System Fan -> Enable

Low Speed Temperature : If temperature is lower than this setting, the fan will stop (This is my experience)
Low Speed : If temp is higher than this setting, the fan will spin at this speed.
Middle Speed Temperature
Middle Speed : If temp is higher than this setting, the fan will spin at this speed.
High Speed Temperature
High Speed : If temp is higher than this setting, the fan will spin at this speed.

Please Edit Settings refer to your Fan Spec.

My 'NF-A8 5V PWM' setting is here.

Low Speed Temperature : 30
Low Speed : 1200
Middle Speed Temperature : 40
Middle Speed : 1700
High Speed Temperature : 45
High Speed : 2200

Done!!!! :)

If you have a question, please contact me here.
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