OV2640 streaming client for ODROID-GO

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OV2640 streaming client for ODROID-GO

Post by aschommer »

Recently, i found lots of ESP-based camera modules (the cam is typically OV2640) which can run a demo of the ESP32 SDK (arduino IDE version?) which even provides video streaming.

I was curios: The demo of course assumes a PC as client - would an ODROID-GO work, too?
So i setup a little sketch - and the answer was: well ... yes and no: it works, but compared to a PC, the performance is quite poor: just about 8 fps. (And no, it's not the sender who limits it - it is the JPEG decoding of the client) But, hey, to me it's much cooler :D

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Re: OV2640 streaming client for ODROID-GO

Post by ripper121 »

And when you send raw data instead of jpg? (yes it's bigger but maybe faster then the decoder)

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