XU4 wobbly heatsink/fan

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XU4 wobbly heatsink/fan

Post by mad_ady »

I received a batch of XU4s for an upcoming project at work and one of them had a strange issue - its radiator + fan assembly was wobbly (I could push on its edges and it moved ~5mm). I could distinctly see it would raise from the CPU on one edge and I could see the thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink. I fiddled a bit with the springs on the studs that keep it close to the board and I could unlock a half-sprung spring and now the heatsink is in good contact with the board.
Before I did this I could do an automated stress test and the unit was ok, but I think it throttled thermically. I was about to put it through more tests but I managed to fix it.

I wanted to post this in order to let @odroid know about a possible problem and maybe add more checks on the assembly line (e.g. heat sink well attached).

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Re: XU4 wobbly heatsink/fan

Post by odroid »

Sorry about that.
I've forwarded this critical quality issue to our manufacturing team.
I think we have to add another checking process to make sure the full insertion of the hooking plastics.
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