Page 1 of 1 or ffmpeg keeps crashing my HC2

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 5:46 pm
by dchang0
I've been running for a while now and seeing this problem happen every so often where the HC2 will just become completely unresponsive maybe once every two weeks.
It looks like it's powered on but nothing's going on.

I do not have UART console output (can't easily get a computer hooked up). The system log doesn't reveal anything useful.

I do have a screenshot of the nmon resource graphs from the last time it froze. CPU was not maxed--it was about 33% util. RAM was not maxed--Free MB was 331.6MB.
There were a bunch of ffmpeg processes, five of them when there should only be two (one per camera).

I did manage to figure out that when more than two ffmpegs show up, they appear to be children spawned to use shared memory for some purpose.

Anybody else having this problem?

Alternately, if anyone can recommend a reliable NVR other than Zoneminder (didn't capture any video at all) or Shinobi (captures video but crashes), I'd appreciate it. I don't particularly care what NVR I use so long as it's super reliable and can run on the HC2.

Thanks in advance!