DebianBullseye, Odroid HC2, OMV, Tailscale

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DebianBullseye, Odroid HC2, OMV, Tailscale

Post by aldo390 »


Been using Odroid HC2 for a while now at home network. With Openmediavault.

So had an Idea to look for solutions to share the drive also across the internet
to my phone and other devices. Got suggested to use Tailscale VPN solution.

Tailscale seems extremely easy at first but after installing it to Odriod,
there is no way to connect to Odroid anymore. Not even local network.
My best guess is that tailscales IP configuration got conflicted with odroid.

How to make it work so that I can access the drive from local network as well as through internet?

Can I make it work with Tailscale ?

Not really an expert of Linux systems but will manage with some guidance. :)

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Re: DebianBullseye, Odroid HC2, OMV, Tailscale

Post by mad_ady »

I don't know what the default configuration is for these vpn providers, but my suggestion is to forget about them (it's a paid service, right?) and self host your own vpn. You can set it up easily with pivpn on your HC2: (it's not only for rpi).
You'll need to set up dynamic dns (can also run on the HC2 if your router doesn't support it), and will need to do port forwarding on your router.

Some things may get a bit network-y or technical, but it's a great learning experience.

Also, see if omv comes with a openvpn server gui/wizard.

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