Odroid N2 - pxeboot pb-event only 20.04 succeeds

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Odroid N2 - pxeboot pb-event only 20.04 succeeds

Post by CoolGames » Sat May 23, 2020 12:49 am

pxeboot from development using 20200508 petitboot by @tobetter

pb-event default used at petitboot command line.
http://ppa.linuxfactory.or.kr/installer/pxeboot/ODROID-N2/README wrote: Notwork innstallation with the Petitboot

This directory contains the files to install Debian or Ubuntu OS using the Petitboot.

In order to select a Linux system to install, this command must be invoked in the command line.

1. Select "Exit to shell"
2. Run this command in the command line
# pb-event url@/net/eth0 url=http://ppa.linuxfactory.or.kr/installer ... N2/default
3. Return to the Petitboot

Attached are all the syslogs renamed on /dev/mmcblk1p1 on Odroid N2
using virtual terminal 2 (ctl, alt, F2) login during failing or success just before reboot.

CorELEC never initializes and debian fails during base system repeatedly after go back retries.
Can't understand corelec installation so dmesg saved.
Debian syslog saved while trying to recover or fix.
PXEBOOT_N2_Install logs.zip
Using development pb-event only 20.04 (untried 19.04) succeds
(299.25 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

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Re: Odroid N2 - pxeboot pb-event only 20.04 succeeds

Post by tobetter » Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:06 am

1. CoreELEC PXE Boot entry is to demonstrate a kernel can start-up through PXE server using the port 8080/8090 and so as per the request @binhex, it's now removed.
2. I've found Debian Buster Netboot Installer is outdated, it's been fixed.

FYI, since Petitboot 20200508, the new script 'netboot_default' is supported. By running this command, the Petitboot will show you the available PXE boot entries from my server.


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