Official emby-server package

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Official emby-server package

Unread post by crazyquark » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:16 pm


I recently ran 'apt upgrade' on my Odroid XU4 and it upgraded my emby-server from the official repo(something I did not want because I run official images from
The reason I switched to the official images was that ffmpeg was broken for me and all my new added video files did not have runtime info(watching even 1 second of a video marked it as viewed).

Now, I've experimented in the past with getting hardware transcoding on XU4 but I never got it to work. My question is: why is the repo package so different from the official one. I can see at least these differences:
- it includes by default a systemd unit files that runs as user emby by default and you have to manually change it to another user if you want to; the official package gives you a emby-server@user unit file to be run as any user you want
- it uses /var/lib/emby as the default data folder while the official one use /var/lib/emby-server (or maybe the other way around, I had to override it anyway)
- the official package includes its own ffmpeg to avoid any runtime issues - now this part I get but since maybe someday we will have hw transcoding on xu4 via an official package from hardkernel. I should note that it does not install ffmpeg as dependency so it doesn't work anyway.

For now, however, the official package has broken my setup so I had to 'apt-mark hold' it.
My question in the end is, is there a github repo somewhere where I can follow the development of this emby-server fork for odroid-xu4? I am curious to know if hw transcoding has happened or will happen. Until then< I will be using the official images.

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Re: Official emby-server package

Unread post by DeJe » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:24 am

unfortunately I do not have an answer for you. But may be you can help me!? ;)
I also checked out emby (vs. plex) on my XU4 but never got it working correctly. I had some crashes, hw transcoding was not working at all.
I used the official repo...
So how did you setup emby and did you get hw transcoding working on official repo?

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