XU4 : Kodi, VDR, TV Stick

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XU4 : Kodi, VDR, TV Stick

Unread post by mipi » Wed May 18, 2016 11:59 pm


this my first post here, please be gentle with me ... :D

Came over to the XU4 while recognising, that Kodi, LiveTV and pssst ... a OSCAM-Server is a little to much for a Raspi ... got flickers and stops, it seems it needs more power ...

So I tried to start over to the XU4, realising that there are some hazzles too:
  • when trying to find a suiteable installation image I found only 6.02 Openelec, right or is there a better source?
  • after installing i found no VDR (and OSCAM) in the repo, am i blind or is there a Trick? Tried to install the inofficial Repo but this didn't help to much.
  • When switching over to tvheadend i could'nt find my TV-Stick (pctv 292e). dmesg also reports nothin. I tried to copy the firmware to /lib/firmware but it is read-only. Found a hint that I could create /storage/.config/firmware/ and leave the fw there ... not functioning ...
Are these problems issues of the distribution? Any comments on that ...

Thank you in advance ...


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Re: XU4 : Kodi, VDR, TV Stick

Unread post by meveric » Thu May 19, 2016 2:44 pm

I got myself one of these: http://www.amazon.de/Edision-Optimuss-D ... ords=DVB-C
It's a DVBSky compatible TV-Stick and I use it on my images.
I use TVHeadend as a backend and Kodi with TVHeadend PVR client as a frontend.
Watching TV and recording works flawlessly, but I found it's better to run the backend on one ODROID and watch on another. Running both on the same machine can cause issues.

You have to make sure your TV-Stick is supported by the Kernel, or else it won't work and won't be found on tvheadend.

I personally use DVB-C but the stick doesn't seem to find the ProSiebenSat1. group but I heard that's a common issue :(
besides that everything works fine I can watch and record HD content, check out teletext, whatever I want.
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Check out the Games and Emulators section to find some of my work or check the files in my repository to find the software i build for ODROIDs.
If you want to add my repository to your image read my HOWTO integrate my repo into your image.

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Re: XU4 : Kodi, VDR, TV Stick

Unread post by fleixi » Mon May 23, 2016 1:31 am

I use this TV-Stick http://sundtek.com/shop/Digital-TV-Stic ... logTV.html with use a userspace driver with is avable for many linux-platforms (x86,amd64,mips,arm). It is closed source but it is the only stick i have found so far with have no issues on arm devices.

I also use it on two devices (mips router with the stick and tvheadend and arm Xu-4 with kodi) without any problems. Tvheadend and oscam work without problems together
It chould work on one device but on the old XU it isnt working correctly.

PS: this stick is finding ALL german channels with vodafone dvb-c

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Re: XU4 : Kodi, VDR, TV Stick

Unread post by anil » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:56 pm

Hi @flexi...
can you pls help me installaling an app Kaffeine or similar one..
I have sundtek uSB stick and i'm struggling to install an app to watch TV

pls help
(NOTE: my XU4 is running with Ubuntu 18.04)

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