HD webcam at 30FPS

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HD webcam at 30FPS

Unread post by schmidtbag » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:45 am

So I'm working on something that needs to grab an MJPEG stream from a USB webcam at 30FPS. I prefer 1080p but I might be able to get by with 720p (computer vision is involved, so a higher resolution is practical). I was thinking the MC1 might be a good fit for my needs, but, I'm not feeling very confident it is up for the task. I've been trying this out on a U2 and a C1+ but both of those get me around 16-17FPS at 720p, with 1 CPU core maxed out. I know the MC1 involves a better and newer CPU, but I'm not sure if it'd make enough of a difference. It seems some XU3/4 users couldn't get past 20FPS at 1080p (I haven't heard anything about 720p).

So, I was wondering if anybody has any current info on whether or not this platform is capable of delivering what I need?

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