HC1 uneven temp readings

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HC1 uneven temp readings

Unread post by huantxo » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:58 am

Hello everyone. I started to try and benchmark my new HC1, and I have noticed something strange in thermal readings. It seems like thermal_zone2 is always about 5º C over the average, while thermal_zone1 seems to be the lowest normally.

For example, on idle I get 34, 33, 38, 33, 32. On maximum CPU use, I get 84, 78, 90, 84, 70.

I understand that the fifth reading (thermal_zone4) should be lower since it is the GPU. But I am worried about the differences between the 4 CPU cores. Could it be because of an uneven thermal paste distribution?

I carefully unattached the board from the heatsink to check, and it seems like the full surface of the SoC was covered. But I am worried that maybe when I put it back, I left some air bubble.

Or maybe it is normal that thermal_zone2 is above the others?

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Re: HC1 uneven temp readings

Unread post by DarkBahamut » Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:11 am

It normal for there to be a difference. Most XU4's I've seen show about a 10C delta across all cores.

It's quite normal in all multicore chips these days. Even modern Intel CPUs can have a fairly big delta over all the cores to about the same degree too.

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