Slackware on Odroid

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Slackware on Odroid

Post by Minou666 »

I am working on recompiling all of the source for Slackware on the Beagleboard X15 and Odroid HC1 for Cortex A15 and Neon.

If anyone is interested in the Slackware on odroid let me know.

I plan to add custom support for Wayland for both the Beagleboard and Odroid XU4. On the beagleboard X15 wayland is preferable because of the lack of support for the GPU for org.

For boards where I will have X support I will add the mate desktop as well as free pascal and lazarus.

I have yet to figure out how to get lazarus to work with Weston (no X)


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Re: Slackware on Odroid

Post by tobetter »

Cool, are you going to share the instruction to build Slakware?
Or will share the image only?

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Re: Slackware on Odroid

Post by maxmaniac »

@Minou666, I would also be interested in using slackware with my Odroid XU4.

Best Regards

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