Fan control in CM/LineagOS ODROID-XU4

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Fan control in CM/LineagOS ODROID-XU4

Unread post by ryanator » Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:04 am

For your information, the configuration of fan in ODROID-XU4 with Android CM is located in "/sys/devices/odroid_fan.14" folder.
In "fan_speeds" file we can set the speed of fan and in the "temp_levels" we can set corresponding temperature levels that change the speed of the fan (defined in the previous file). Changes in both files are reflected immediately, however after reboot they are set to default values. In order to have them persistent we need to create following script file (only if it doesn't exist already!)

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cd /data/local
chown shell:shell
chmod 755
And we need to ad following lines inside

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echo "22 51 71 91" > /sys/devices/odroid_fan.14/fan_speeds
echo "57 63 68" > /sys/devices/odroid_fan.14/temp_levels
Values in both files should be changed to preferred ones

Maybe it will be helpful for somebody.

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