Android google functions

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Android google functions

Post by syka2210 »

So be merciful, haven't got my hands on a board yet, very very newbie over here.
Having a project on my hands, some sort of android car navigation. Yes there are plenty already to buy on the web, but not for my car. I've managed to sniff the can frames of my car, and going to send them to the android device. That's why i need a fast booting android tablet/raspberry pi (not fond of it) / odroid.
So my question to you guys is if it is possible to install android ROM with google services on it (OK GOOGLE assistant, Google maps, and waze). there will be an app(launcher more specificaly) that will show my multimedia information ( song played, volume, fm channel) giving the fact that i will remove the actual nav display.
Also, i do believe the booting time for an odroid xu4 is quite quick, is it not? (10 sec would me more than enough, i can handle even 20-30 seconds)

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Re: Android google functions

Post by mad_ady »

Voodik's roms allow you to install play store and are fast if using an emmc. For xu4 in a car you may want to use xu4q with a bigger fan, since it may get hot in the car.

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