Oh the difference thermal paste makes or does it?

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Oh the difference thermal paste makes or does it?

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So.. I've been running my plex server on my xu4 for a while. I'm running the files off a cifs share.. Anyways, I bought a gold heatsink off of ali express (its very similar or identical to the ones on amazon). It cam with some thermal paste, so I used it. It was thin, but better than what I had at the time (nothing).
So I was checking temps, and streaming how to train your dragon over my web interface.. I was seeing 53ish temps on my hottest core. Followed by a couple at 50. This was 10 minutes in or so, and as hot as it got.. It would fluctuate a little bit lower, but 53 was the highest I saw. I thought about it, and I've got some leftover noctua nt-h1 from when I re-pasted my waterblock on my workstation. I'm seeing a no real difference in heat.. 1-2 degrees but I'm only a little into a new movie for testing. I'm really surprised the nt-h1 didnt do much if any better than the cheapie stuff that came with the heatsink.

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