Tales of Maj'Eyal [glshim]

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Tales of Maj'Eyal [glshim]

Post by petevine »

The game, usually shortened to ToME, is either a complete waste of time or a great roguelike RPG featuring a complex character system with addictive gameplay (allegedly). Pick your poison :)

It's rather straightforward to build (premake4 required), the source+data is here:


After editing premake4.lua to reflect the location of your SDL2 installation (unless you do have it in /opt), these commands should be executed from the top-level directory:

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premake4 gmake
make config=release
Apart from glshim in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, the only catch is the fact you need an OpenGL version of SDL2 (unlike what you normally use on Odroids to get GLES acceleration working -> --disable-video-opengl at SDL2 build-time).

The simplest solution would be to keep a separate copy in a dedicated directory and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH again, e.g:

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with libSDL2 library inside the game directory.

Btw, I haven't got the time to try patching the game back into SDL 1.2 shape so the problem with SDL2 could be avoided but it's certainly feasible.
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The game's author has been porting the game to Android so it's possible a native GLES renderer could become available in the future.

Btw, the only visual glitch can be fixed by disabling the fancy mouse cursor.
A fully working self-sufficient build is available for download.
A few packages and other useful stuff for Odroid C1 or ARM64. * PyPy for non-SSE2 CPU's anyone?

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