[EMULATOR] Emulatorjs docker container

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[EMULATOR] Emulatorjs docker container

Post by zyssai »


I've been looking for a long time a way to be able to play my oldies from anywhere.
I think I have found it and wanna share this with you :)

So I actually have a NAS hosted on a N2+, with latest Ubuntu, docker and some services like Plex, Qbittorrent etc.

I firstly thought about an emulator with streaming capabilities, but too hard to setup.
And then I found a docker container, compatible with arm64, based on Retroarch, able to be used from any web browser. I even managed to run it behind traefik.
This is emulatorjs.

The particularity of this container is that the client hardware launches the game itself, so no problem of network bandwidth, once the data is downloaded the game will play correctly.
It's also possible tu run multiple instances from different clients at the same time.

Here is a docker-compose example.

Code: Select all

  # Emulatorjs - In browser web based emulation
    container_name: emulatorjs
    image: lscr.io/linuxserver/emulatorjs:latest
      - "3000:3000"
      - $DOCKERDIR/emulatorjs/config:/config
      - $ROMSDIR:/data
      - TZ=Europe/Paris
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
Here is the main page. I know there is a possibility to add a frontend but have not found time to try.



Once you choose a game you've got a frontend with a short video of the game.



And you can access Retroarch menu from the game with F1 key to customize controls, core options, or anything else.


N64 plays correctly, even this gem :D


And the classics :P


For the moment, the cons that I can reveal is the unavalability to play most of the games with keyboard (at least, this is working but I have not found any way to change key mapping).
So I brought my game controller with me if I know that I will be able to play on the day.

Hope you appreciate and I will be happy to share experience with any of you :)
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Re: [EMULATOR] Emulatorjs docker container

Post by gychoi »

Thank you for sharing! I should try installing it too :D
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