odroid show as terminal..??

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odroid show as terminal..??

Post by phaseshifter » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:06 am

i`m running odroid show on the underside of mu U3+ and i have it upside down..
anyway i was wondering if it would/could be used as a terminal..at all..is it possible..??
i have spent some many hours scouring the web looking for just this..but the show it`self is an odroid creation..

if i can maybe hook up between uart`s on the board to get a text output like minicom running on it or something like that

so the biggy is does anybody think this is at all possible..at all..

if it is then somebody most prolly has done it and i just have not found out how,,thanks..phase...

P.s..i also have at my disposal a u3 i/o board..like i often re invent the wheel ..funny as i realized that the show has the exact same chip on it..sorry 4 my lack of intel..

any way soon i will also have the u-3 tinkering kit as well dont know if all this hard ware will solve a software issue..i doubt it but any way..
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Re: odroid show as terminal..??

Post by odroid » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:46 am

It supports very basic VT100 terminal capability. But it is very far from minicom functionality. There is no room to improve it with 8bit MCU with 2K RAM probably.
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