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Can the design for the SmartPower 3 include output switching

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:28 am
by ZacWolf
So I love the functionality of my ODROID C2s, and I'm considering them a strong candidate for building digital signage/web kiosk solutions. Unfortunately I've had two C2 boards stop functioning within a year's time span, and that kind of reliability is simply not acceptable for this kind of production/commercial usage.

BUT, the price-point to functionality equation of the C2 is really hard to beat, so I'm thinking of building the solution to leverage dual boards for redundancy.

So could the next design of SmartPower (SmartPower3) including switching between two different output ports? It could then being as easy as flipping a switch (or using the app) to send power to the secondary board if the primary board fails. Giving time for a service call to replace the primary board.