Smart Power 3 wishlist

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Smart Power 3 wishlist

Unread postby campbell » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:44 am

I've been a huge fan of the original Smart Power over the last couple years and it has made my job a lot easier. However, I have never upgraded to the Smart Power 2 for several reasons, namely the lack of a quality enclosure like the original, and the presence of wifi, which prevents me from using it in certain workspaces. The fact that it's 2.4 GHz-only makes it useless even at my house, where I have to run a 5 GHz-only network due to too many other wifi networks nearby.

I'd like to see the following features in a future version of the device:
- Return of the wired console interface, ideally as a serial device (serial to usb is okay) rather than something needing special software.
- Return of the enclosure from the original version, or a new one of equal build quality
- Ability to toggle power via the wired interface
- Wifi should be OPTIONAL, at least able to be disabled by a physical switch
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Re: Smart Power 3 wishlist

Unread postby crashoverride » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:51 pm

Assuming the natural evolution from ESP8266 to ESP32, I would request the following:

* CASE!!!! - I really need an enclosure to keep the unit in place and electrically isolated.
* Standard Odroid console port connector - Allows the unit to be connected to any Odroid board console port for remote console control.
* Ethernet - ESP32 supports ethernet. Sometimes you just need a wire and nothing else will do.
* GPIO header - any unused GPIO lines should be routed to a header for my use.

My primary use of SmartPower2 is to remotely cycle the power to a board I am doing development on. Doing kernel development will hard lock a board quite often where only a power cycle will bring it back. This is also where the console connector comes into play. The ESP32 should (in the future) support Bluetooth serial port profile. This allows for a secure and standard remote console connection.

While there is no physical switch to control the radio on ESP32, it can be enabled and disabled in software.
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Re: Smart Power 3 wishlist

Unread postby palich2000 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:34 am

Electrically isolated box and wifi client.
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