Kernel Support for8188EU aka WN725Nv2

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Kernel Support for8188EU aka WN725Nv2

Unread postby RamblingBarba » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:22 am

Greetings all. I got my U3 a week ago. I loaded Ubuntu 14.04.2 (2/25/15). It boots and runs surprisingly smooth from the SD card (no EMMC). I am a newbie to both linux and odroid. I have some other linux machines but not a lot of experience.

I think I may have read every post on the forum as well acountless ones outside of the forum concerning this wifi dongle. :shock: I have run commands like crazy and reflashed the OS to get a fresh start when necessary. I can't make it work. :? This IMG comes with kernel version (latest?). I haven't given up, just hoping.

Is there a chance that this dongle will be supported in the kernel soon?

Until then I will keep plugging away running commands till I get it. :D
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