u-2 and boot.ini from 5422 to 4412

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u-2 and boot.ini from 5422 to 4412

Unread post by phaseshifter » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:57 pm

i did this to my boot.ini file not shure if it has had advantage..only way i could tell if i was running a miner off of it
since there is no way at present to check ram speeds...

Code: Select all

# DRAM Frequency
# Sets the LPDDR3 memory frequency
# Supported values: 933 825 728 633 (MHZ)
setenv ddr_freq 933

# Load kernel and initramfs
fatload mmc 0:1 0x40008000 zImage
fatload mmc 0:1 0x42000000 uInitrd

# boot arguments
setenv bootargs "console=tty1 console=ttySAC1,115200n8 root=UUID=e139ce78-9841-40fe-8823-96a304a09859 rootwait ro fsck.repair=yes mem=2047M ${videoconfig}"

# set DDR frequency
dmc ${ddr_freq}
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