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GPS via UART not work

Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:42 am
by nrgizer79

I have GPS receiver connected via UART port of Odroid U3.
It work fine a long time with "CM-11.0 for U3 2014-08-18 Alpha 0.4" by voodik (ttySAC0 and 115200 speed).
The system was crashed and i need to reinstall it.
I got release 5.4.
I change the speed of GPS receiver to 9600.
Change in /system/build.prop:
Add in ueventd.odroidu.rc:
/dev/ttySAC0 0666 gps gps

I have NMEA data in Terminal (cat /dev/ttySAC0).
But programms not see satelites.
GPStest write me "Not Fix".

I think the library can not work with ttySACx devices.
Is it right ?
May be anybody have good library ?