[FILLED] ODROID Magazine Android Gaming Columnist Wanted

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[FILLED] ODROID Magazine Android Gaming Columnist Wanted

Unread post by robroy » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:28 am

Do you have a love of gaming that you'd like to share with the ODROID community?

Join the ODROID Magazine Contributor Team and receive monthly hardware gift packages for published articles! Choose from any of the Hardkernel products such as the XU4, C2, N1, and many useful peripherals like a 64GB eMMC module. As an additional perk, you will also get FREE SHIPPING for additional items.

We are looking for a monthly columnist who would like to write about Android Gaming, starting off with the basic hardware and software needed, and giving 1-2 in-depth reviews and ODROID-specific experiences each month from a list of games that will be provided to you, such as Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic, Oceanhorn, Real Racing 3, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Grand Theft Auto, and much more.

Please respond to this thread, or PM me if want to contribute to ODROID Magazine!
Rob Roy, Editor-in-Chief of ODROID Magazine (submit an article | make a donation)

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