ODROID Magazine July Issue Available Now! (Seismograph)

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ODROID Magazine July Issue Available Now! (Seismograph)

Unread postby robroy » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:36 am

Hardkernel is proud to announce that the ODROID Magazine for July 2017 is now available!

Hopefully you’ll never have to experience an earthquake first hand, but it’s nice to know that an ODROID can help detect seismic activity in your area! Using a simple accelerometer, a C Tinkering Kit, WiringPi library, ThingSpeak platform, and a custom Python script, a C2 can be turned into a miniature geographic laboratory that outputs the magnitude of waves that occur nearby. Our regular contributor Miltiadis details this amazing project so that you can build one of your own.

Home automation is virtually standard in new houses these days, and Adrian shows us how to retrofit an existing house to connect to over 650 types of components in order to have completely centralized control over smart devices from any ODROID device. Coupled with one of Hardkernel’s touchscreens, it provides an inexpensive alternative to installing a commercial automation package. Nanik continues his series on the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), José presents a guide to using an ODROID-XU4 as a map server, @jojo details his homemade Geiger counter, @redrocket gives an overview of Gogs, a GitHub/GitLab alternative, and we learn about Hardkernel’s new header extenders.

    6 Home Automation With Home Assistant: A Smart House With Your ODROID By Your Side
    12 Community Spotlight: New Hardkernel Logo
    12 Community Spotlight: Windows X86 Compatibility List for ODROID XU3/XU4 Running Exagear 2.1 Desktop
    13 ODROID-XU4 Header Extenders: Higher Sockets For Your Projects
    14 Android Development: Deep Diving Inside ADB - Part 2
    16 Seismograph Earthquake Detector: Measuring Seismic Acceleration Using The ODROID-C2
    21 Gogs: A GitHub/GitLab Alternative
    23 ODROID-XU4 As A Map Server: A Guide To Using GeoServer
    25 Geiger Counter: Detecting Radiation With An ODROID-C2
    26 Lakka 2.0: A Great Emulation Operating System Receives A Major Update
    29 Meet An ODROIDian: Michel Catudal (@Minou666)

Rob Roy, Editor-in-Chief of ODROID Magazine (submit an article | make a donation)
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Re: ODROID Magazine July Issue Available Now! (Seismograph)

Unread postby linuxest » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:26 am

Very fun and useful articles I've never seen.
Seismic sensor and Geiger counter on Home Assistant will be fantastic.
Thank you authors and editors.
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Re: ODROID Magazine July Issue Available Now! (Seismograph)

Unread postby stmicro » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:03 am

Happy to read this issue #43 issue.

One suggestion.
There are tons of great projects on the 43 issues.
Choose very nice 50 projects by forum users' polling and make a special edition in HTML or WiKi format.
It must be more comfortable to follow the instructions as well as a great marketing material.
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Re: ODROID Magazine July Issue Available Now! (Seismograph)

Unread postby sbynkln » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:11 pm

I have tried seismograph, but it isn't working for me, I think I did made something wrong.. Is there another step by step explanation for seismograph application, I do not want to use server option, I just want to see accelerometer output to graph. Thank you.
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