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Hello All

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 9:39 am
by doughnut
While I am not a new user of the Odroid, It appears I have no cred, so I cannot PM. I guess I can start out by introducing myself.

I am retired from Hewlett Packard where I worked in software development and support for their ITIL outsourcing business. I retired in 2012.

My first Odroid was a C1. I must have picked it up back in 2015 when I joined the forum. I used it primarily as XBMC/Kodi device for some time. I picked up a C1+ shortly after they came out. As I recall, They implemented a working CEC on it, which is a nice addon for Kodi.

Next, I bought a couple XU4's. I used the first primarily as a web browser with Ubuntu. The second, I built a working Mythtv combination front-end and database server. This turned out to work pretty well. The only issue I had with it was in flagging commercials. It never seemed to work right on the XU4. I think I was running 14.04 at the time. I retired the unit about a year ago after the hard drive failed in it. I am ready to dust it off and update it to see if I can have further success with it. I have recently cut the cable cord, and I need an OTA dvr again.

I am anxiously awaiting the reintroduction of the H2. While I am not a fan Windows, often times, there is no avoiding it. I plan to make one into a desktop for my daughter. With a second one, I will try my hand a low cost server with ZFS. I would like to dork around with port multipliers, to see if an H2 can be used as a viable file server and to compare its value with a bank of HC2s running CEPH.

Re: Hello All

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 12:09 am
by skeetre
Sounds like you have quite a bit of experience. A coworker and I were just discussing CEPH yesterday. I'd be curious to see how that turns out.

I'm new to odroid, been using PIs for a few years, but saw a post about the N2 on phoronix and decided to give it a try, so it feels a little weird welcoming you, but hey, why not right?

Re: Hello All

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:41 am
by pinaar
I too am looking for an OTA DVR. I was my desktop Ubuntu server as a music server, but I thought I'd use the the ODroid as a more efficient Music and Video server, but got overwhelmed. I tried PLEX, but they charge and other free options were too broken. I only need an Intranet solution, but I'd like to serve my security camera video when I'm on travel, so I thought the could work 24/7 using very little power. I'm thinking I wouldn't want to tax the CPU, so I'd just switch modes so I could dedicate it to OTA DVR when I want to watch TV and other modes as decide.
I've looked at Fire TV Recast and Tablo but they seem to have their own issues or trade-offs w.r.t. their Guide or buffering or HD quality, so I thought an ODroid solution might allow me to get something more suited for my needs. I installed MythTV on my Ubuntu desktop a few years ago, but deleted later when I was upgrading my server. I never got the hang of it. I take it you installed MythTV on your Odroid. Are you still using it? If so did you upgrade it to the current version?

BTW, I'm a retired EE who spent my career in SW development supporting design teams with tools and methodology applications. I still love circuits, logic, and systems. I enjoy working with RF, power, control, and software.