Greetings from a proto-hacker

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Greetings from a proto-hacker

Unread post by Virtue Es » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:37 am

Hi everyone,

I was told to introduce myself so here I am :D.
As it says in the title I like to think of myself as a proto-hacker. If you still think that a hacker is someone who breaks into things, its not.
A hacker is one who is curious about the world and how it works (super simplified other men have said it better and its so much more).
One of my current projects is a raspberry pi smart phone. Why? well I noticed that people transfer too much of their brain "computing" power to their phones. Plus its stupid proprietary and I am not willing to give that part of me up. I thus started to build a raspberry pi phone. Today it is composed of an Iphone5 slide-out keyboard case, lipo battery, pi 2 B+ and touchscreen. I have struggled and worked at finding out how to call people on it, but I have not been too successful.
That is why I want the next generation to be built with Odroid. From what I have seen the specs are at least twice as good as the pi. I also heard you can get smart phone apps on it so I am hoping that the Odroid will enable me to make a real phone.

Anyways glad I cold join this forum and I look forward to talking to all of you guys out there


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