Hello from America

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Hello from America

Post by Kenn »

I'm a newbie on this forum.

I'm a hobbyist and like to build things and purchased a Odroid N2+ this past year.

There are 3 projects that I'm working on with the Odroid N2+.
1) Home security system using Home Assistant.
2) A car dash camera system with as many cameras as I can use, maybe 8.
3) A InMoov humanoid robot that I have half built so far and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

I'm looking for help on things like connecting microphones, speakers and different types of cameras to the Odroid N2+.
Also I wanted to know how the AV connection on the Odroid N2+ works as I have not found any info or tutorial on how the connection works.

Thank you for any help.

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Re: Hello from America

Post by mad_ady »

I wanted to know how the AV connection on the Odroid N2+ works
You can use audio out from the 3.5 audio out connector. For microphone/video, your best bet is using usb webcams. Most of them are UVC and should work out of the box.

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