Administrator guy in Netherlands

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Administrator guy in Netherlands

Post by stendeban »

Hello to all my fellow engineers and administrators,

I am a Linux tech enthusiast and I am dipping my toes in the field of hardware.
So far, I never really got into hardware specifications and performance and I have primarily focused on the software/automation side.

However, I have some crazy ideas for starting my own company with Linux IT and IT automation services.
For this, I am investigating the potential of Odroid devices as a business venture.
What matter to me the most in hardware are power consumption and stability, and I believe that Odroid is a real contender in those fields.

So while I fully intend to embark on a long Odroid-powered adventure, I could use some advice finding the best models and setups.
Would anyone know which models are most efficient in electric power?

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Re: Administrator guy in Netherlands

Post by mad_ady »

Welcome! Are you planning on using battery operated devices? What are you going to run on it - in terms of cpu/memory? There are differented classes of odroids. The "industrial" one is M1. The best performance one is N2+. It depends...

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Re: Administrator guy in Netherlands

Post by mctom »

I'm guessing M1 is the lowest power model.. Just guessing though, maybe one of C series would beat it in comparison.
N2+ or N2L are the most powerful as @mad_ady said, and best suited for desktop use if that's what you're after.
Personally I use M1 as a server at home due to low power consumption and SATA connectivity, among other features.
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