New Odroid-N2 user from Canada

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New Odroid-N2 user from Canada

Post by superpowter77 »

I am a new SBC user here. Just started using SBC boards 3 weeks ago. Initially was wondering to choose between Rpi 4b, Odroid-N2, RockPro64 since those are well known SBC boards to have the best active communities. I left out the very tempting Firefly-RK3399 after they decided to raise their already expensive prices due a shortage of DDR3 chips for 4Gb configurations. After a careful decision decided to buy locally first before venture into online ordering, then Rpi 4 and Odroid-N2 were the finalists. Went for Rpi 4b since authorized hardkernel retailers in my country overcharge double for something I can order online from Hardkernel and can't never offer the same bundles before waiting several months. Rpi 4b was a surprisingly amazing board, pretty much worked right out the box, including WebGL and OpenGL acceleration with latest Raspbian OS, Hardware acceleration via VLC and youtube 720 and 1080p only, Integration with Arduino IDE was perfect for my needs, all programming languages and there right tools were just right there included on latest Raspbian OS, nothing is broken, everything just works. Then, it quickly became my main desktop using a Sony 65inch OLED TV as monitor, for my electronic engineering career that just started, and for entertainment as well(Had a NAS server running on it without a sweat) totally replacing my aging Mac mini 2014 machine. Specially after putting a monster ICE tower CPU cooler and Overclocking the CPU to 2.0 Ghz and 600 Mhz for the GPU. I was able to work out 99% of my initial issues due lack of proper knowledge about linux distros and SBC boards within first 48 hours and had everything up and running as I wanted to be. Was able to use NvMe SSD drives on it, able to boot from USB 3.0 using regular 2.5 SSD drives as Samsung Evo 860 and Crucial MX500. My SSD USB 3.0 booting time achieved fantastic speeds (at least for a Rpi 4 board) 330 Mbps for reading and 240 Mbs for writing. I was gonna buy another Rpi 4 board when I decided to look for a more suitable option to host my Webserver with Joomla CMS hosted locally. I wanted a SBC board that can run a full linux Distro to host my sites. After checking Pine64 forums(RockPro64) and reading all the harware issues/limitations they currently have with that board, I decided to settle for the famous Odroid-N2 SBC board. Odroid H2, came to my mind too, but being sick for x86/x64 architecture, Have been using Macs and PCs for quite a while. Just got my Odroid-N2 board 4Gb edition with every possible extras(hardware) to play with and to have it run my Webserver exclusively, I really needed something with more muscle and overall more capabilities specially due its smaller 12nm SoC and faster DDR4 memory. It will run warmer too. Was a bit dissapointed due the fact Odroid-N2 USB 3.0 SSD speeds top at 363Mbs for reading and 278 Mbps for writing according to Odroid Wiki numbers, Honestly, I was expecting a bit more, My Samsung Evo 860 SSD and Samsung T5 1Tb are capable of 540 Mbps for reading/writing speeds. I look forward to start exploring my Odroid-N2 board soon and push it to its limits. Hopefully won’t be bothering you guys much at the beginning but It’s great to know you all will be there when I get stuck. Really happy to be here.

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