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Odroid newbie

Unread postby mikey74 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:46 pm

Hello I am Michael. My first computer was an Apple ][+ with 3rd party add ons like extra 16k ram and lowercase letters.

Not counting retail laptops, my first portable computer had 15" lcd, full size keyboard and mouse, micro itx motherboard, 120gb ssd, 12x 18650 cells, notebook, textbooks, pens, pencils, paper and power brick all inside a briefcase. It dual booted Windows 10 and Linux Mint 18.1. I was a student of Electrical Engineering and felt my school computer should reflect that.

My second portable will be called the "XU4 toughbook". I bought a military spec laptop (Panasonic CF-29) on ebay for less than $40 including shipping. I intend to upgrade it with an XU4, and try to keep it waterproof. The hardest part may be connecting keyboard and trackpad. Laptops often use a ps/2 interface for keyboard and trackpad, but controller is built into motherboard and nigh impossible for a hobbyist to extract. The toughbook appears to have a separate board for input, will look at it this weekend. If I have to I can map the keyboard but will need some hand-holding configuring the o/s. For Wi-fi I will use a travel router, so the only driver I need to worry about is ethernet and I can still have an external ethernet port. The router can also do TOR, VPN, firewall, and simple NAS. The router also has connectors to plug in laptop antennas. It will be a shame to hide those GPIOs in the laptop, but a DB44 connector can fit where the parallel printer port is behind a waterproof flap. For batteries I can reuse the packs from the briefcase, they can provide 5v at 4a. The toughbook has passive cooling for the Pentium M, I will of course reuse that for XU4. Some #4 solid copper wire should do for a decent heatpipe. I guess Panasonic couldn't figure out how to have fan cooling and still keep it waterproof.
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Re: Odroid newbie

Unread postby mad_ady » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:34 am

It sounds like a great project. You should document it as you go and send an article to the magazine.
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Re: Odroid newbie

Unread postby Virtue Es » Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:10 am

Thanks to you, I looked up Toughbooks.

They look so good!
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