Hello. I'm Guinan.

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Hello. I'm Guinan.

Unread postby Guinan » Fri May 19, 2017 9:10 am

Hi. Everyone. So I just ordered my first ODROID XU4 board today. It is being shipped to me as I type. I'm quite excited to see what this little thing can do. I hope it exceeds my expectations.

BTW: does anyone know if this board can make Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for GameCube anywhere near playable at 800x480? I have looked on YouTube and have seen nothing. But the program they use called RecalBox has a folder for GameCube and Wii ROMs and\or ISOs. RetroPie doesn't.
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Re: Hello. I'm Guinan.

Unread postby meveric » Fri May 19, 2017 2:29 pm

GameCube support is very limited, officially the Dolphin project (GC/Wii Emulator) dropped armhf support several years ago, and only support aarch64 (arm64) now.
So I used an older build that still had "some" armhf optimizations.
Still hardly anything is "playable". FPS are normally around 10 FPS in a 3D game. Which is odd, cause 2D scenes seem to run totally fine.
The start Screen of Luigi's Mansion is full 60 FPS, playing 2D Sonic is also 60 FPS, but the 3D part is rather slow :(
I don't think it's the GPU since they have support for OpenGL ES 3.x which our board has, but I think the cpu calculation of 3D objects is rather slow :(
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