Max2Play: web interface installer for Ubuntu/Debian on U3/C1

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Max2Play: web interface installer for Ubuntu/Debian on U3/C1

Unread postby flysurfer » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:01 am

Great news!

I created an installer for Max2Play (, that can be run on existing images (Ubuntu 14.04, Debian Wheezy) to get the full browser interface functionality of Max2Play. I think this could heavily improve existing images, as the easy configuration of file-sharing (samba, mount ntfs-shares), media-player and server, language settings, Kodi/XBMC-Addons, WiFi and other stuff might help people to use the devices even without linux/command-line knowledge.

What is the idea behind?
The framework of the web interface makes it very easy to integrate new plug-ins and functionality. Thanks to this, everyone can participate in development and create plug-ins for special use of the ODROID hardware. Mediaplayer / Filesharing / Image-burner and other setups with 1-click installers are no problem (focused but not restricted to headless devices). There are already some plug-ins:

What is Max2Play?
Supplying a use case focused browser administration for mini-computers based on a framework and plug-ins. These plug-ins can be hosted on our page and developers can get help on translating current installer-scripts to plug-ins. There will be a "premium"-plug-in part, where users have to buy a license that is needed for special plug-ins. Developers, that create premium plug-ins will get a share, based on the downloads. This money is used to maintain the page and to develop further plug-ins. Everything is open-source and can be used by anyone!

As for now Max2Play is already quite successful as a media-player image - but there is so much more, that can be done with it!

The installer for Max2Play (with some instructions) can be found in the github project:

The Max2Play-installer should work on U3 and C1 (with Ubuntu 14.04 or Debian Wheezy) and even on devices like XU (couldn't test this one).

What is installer doing?
- set up some scripts in /opt/max2play
- set up web interface in /var/www/max2play
- install some packages to get everything working (squeezelite, shairport, DLNA-client, file sharing)
- different setups for each distribution and hardware

After the installer finished:
- go with a browser to http://[hostname] (e.g. http://max2play) and go to settings-tab and choose “Update Max2Play”
- Reboot (just click on the button in the web interface)
- Now you are ready to go

After installation, you may enable some plug-ins on the settings page to get a feeling about further plug-in development and how users may change the way they use the Max2Play-Webinterface.

What does Max2Play help users to do?
A short example: users in the forum want some kind of soundcard that has no kernel-support: right now they get instructions on how to build the kernel and compile the module with the kernel sources... with Max2Play, we can offer a Plug-in that will do this with just one click.

Want to create your own Plug-ins?
Use the shell-script “/opt/max2play/” to create a new plug-in. It will be generated in “/var/www/max2play/application/plugins/[PLUG-IN-NAME]”. After this you can enable it in the settings-tab of the Max2Play web interface and play around with it! Have a look at the other plug-ins to see how you can change settings in the backend and install services. If you create a new plug-in, just send it to me and I will publish it on our website! Any existing difficult How-to might be a good plug-in :idea:

I would be happy to hear people testing Max2Play in other images. I will provide further changes to the installer to get it working on more distributions. This is the first alpha-version of the installer - some things might not work as expected.

Max2Play on ODROID U3, XU4 with Squeezebox Server, Squeezelite, Shairport, Kodi

Max2Play-Image for ODROID:
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