Kitchen center

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Kitchen center

Post by troyer »

I need to help with my project. I doing a kitchen center. I have 15,4 inch screen with IR touch frame and an HDMI control board. And now I don`t know which OS or software I will use. On the screen I want the clock, date, it is in the first block. In second block will be internet (video, youtube...). In another block are recipes (doc, docx, pdf, epub, txt and etc.). In another block is stopwatch with signal. In the last block is calculator, reminder. It should be similar to this (does not): ... hboard.png
or ... itchen-PC/
If this center we will not to be using then will be a slideshow photographs.
I don`t have SBC yet because I don`t know whether it is will be possible. If yes then you could help me? If not then which SBC I have to use? Thank you very much for your any information.

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Re: Kitchen center

Post by mad_ady »

I'm using an odroid c2 with a small lcd display to control the home from the kitchen. I'm using HomeAssistant and HADashboard - you can learn more here: ... dashboard/
Or see it in action:

What you want can be done with regular linux and something like awesome window manager and a bit of tinkering.

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Re: Kitchen center

Post by odroid »

How about something like this?


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