Looking for Odroid board with 2 USB controllers

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Looking for Odroid board with 2 USB controllers

Post by rvandepu »


I'm building a specific project where I'm connecting 3x USB 2.0 camera's to a single development board.
The issue is that 3 of these camera's are exceeding the bandwidth of a single USB 2.0 controller.
Therefore, I'm looking for an Odroid that has at minimum 2x USB 2.0 controllers (or a USB2.0 controller and separate USB 3.x controller that doesn't divert the USB 2 lanes to the same USB 2.0 controller as the USB 2 ports).

Does anyone know of an Odroid board with 2 separate USB 2.0 controllers?


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Re: Looking for Odroid board with 2 USB controllers

Post by mctom »


I believe that every Odroid with USB2 and USB3 ports will have two separate USB hosts for each group of ports.

Take a look at this diagram of Odroid M1:

Or the diagram of N2L:
In this case you'd have to use an external USB hub though.

N2/N2+, as well as C4, also have two USB hosts, but USB2 is only available via microUSB port.

You can also study detailed schematics of each Odroid board to ensure this is what you want.
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