Portable laptop powered by Odroids

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Portable laptop powered by Odroids

Unread post by mad_ady » Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:13 pm

For a while I've been thinking of how cool it would be to have a relatively cheap docking station where you can plug your Odroid (or some other HDMI source) and use it as a laptop (basically a dumb terminal with keys and a screen). Good for when working remote/between servers. I've seen some projects that hooked Odroids to the back of some laptop-like device/screen. And now I've stumbled over this project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ne ... /nexdock-2
The advantage would be - you could easily upgrade the hardware and keep the screen/battery/keyboard and upgrade your laptop.
I hope Hardkernel will consider compatibility with such products (HDMI is already ok, but will probably need to do something about USB-C power, which seems to be popular these days).

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Re: Portable laptop powered by Odroids

Unread post by meveric » Wed Mar 04, 2020 6:25 am

The project above is basically a Display with attached keyboard on an USB Hub.
Which is the reason why it works with every device.
It works the same as plugging in a Monitor on your ODROID, and connect the ODROID to a USB Hub with a mouse and keyboard attached.
Yes the look is nicer (laptop form-factor) but essentially it's just a Display with an USB Hub.
Combined with the fact, that most devices are now powered by a USB C port, that means, add a battery to your USB Hub and you also power or charge the device you plug in (default USB-C standard).

They specifically mention Samsung phones here, as Samsung offers for his smartphones something called "Dex" for a couple of years now which started on the Samsung S8:
Other brands pick up this technology now, and we all know there are even some android versions out there that are tinkered towards that experience.
So generally it's rather easy to support, as the phone does all the work the moment it detects it's plugged into a monitor.
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