How about about a board with headers only!!!

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How about about a board with headers only!!!

Post by wallyz21 »

Who thinks it would be a good idea to design a SBC without any adapters on the board like USB, RJ45, HDMI and even power.

But instead provide a board with headers only and use cabled adapters instead to position the adapters where ever required.

I thought this would allow a wider designer audience who would like to integrate a board into custom solutions.

I was looking at the KANO PC and Pine Book PC and thought it wouldn't be hard to swap the main board and drop in something else if the replacement board had more flexibility with positioning of adapters?

I'd love to able to drop an N2+ into one of those devices easily!

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Re: How about about a board with headers only!!!

Post by mad_ady »

Using ribbon cables for some connectors might be problematic. Even if using pins and not clip-ons, the wires might cause interference/crosstalk in high-speed interfaces.
Wires also acts like antennas unless shielded.

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