[Tutorial] Simple VNC solution for newbies

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[Tutorial] Simple VNC solution for newbies

Post by qkpham »

I know that there are many more advanced & secure VNC solutions out there but there is a simple solution for people new to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu includes a VNC server by default. It is called Desktop sharing and it can be found there (search for Desktop Sharing) :


Then just set the server depending on your personal preferences :


Then when you are done, download a VNC client on your PC, Mac or Linux computer & install it.

There are many out there such as RealVNC : http://www.realvnc.com/download/

Type in the IP of the ODroid. You can find it by doing those simple steps on your ODroid :


On this screenshot, is the IP address (yours may be different of course) :


Now that you know your local IP address, just launch the VNC client on your computer.

Type the IP in the address field then click connect.


Type the password you have set up previously.


You should now be able to remotely access your desktop screen ! :)

I wouldn't recommend this solution for permanent remote access but more for occasional usage since the connection is not totally secure.

Hope it helps ;)
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